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Choose Your Case

From our range of standard and premium cases, and let us know which one you prefer when you order your custom computer.

Standard Gaming Cases

Included in the price when you order a custom PC

Click cases for more info

CiT Seven.jpg

Cit Seven

Rainbow R3.jpg

Rainbow R3

CiT F3.jpg

CiT F3

AvP Kolus.webp

AvP Kolus

CiT C1007.JPG

CiT C1007

CiT Pyro.jpg

CiT Pyro

Aerocool Bolt.jpg

Aerocool Bolt

Kolink Inspire K3.jpg

Kolink Inspire K3

CiT Omega.JPG

CiT Omega

GameMax Expedition.jpg

GameMax Expedition

GameMax Stealth.JPG

GameMax Stealth

kolink Inspire K5.PNG

Kolink Inspire K5

Premium Gaming Cases

At an additional cost

GameMax Diamond.webp
CiT Tornado.jpg
Antec Dark Phantom.JPG

GameMax Diamond


CiT Tornado


Antec Dark Phantom


Kolink Aviator.jpg

Kolink Aviator


CiT Celsius.webp

CiT Celsius


GameMax Abyss.webp

GameMax Abyss


Kolink Observatory.jpg
Lian Li Lancool II.PNG

Lian Li Lancool II


Kolink Observatory


Phanteks Eclipse.webp
Lian Li Razer.PNG
Corsair iCUE.PNG
ThermalTake P3.PNG

Phanteks Eclipse


Corsair iCUE


Lian Li Razer


ThermalTake P3


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